• Alejandro Herrera
    Central America & Dominican Rep.
    Strategy & Operations

    Ale is the leader of our Strategy and Operations Team. He is a critical player in our company’s day-to-day functions. He takes on a multifaceted role, overseeing operations, finance, team management, and strategic planning. Ale’s contributions in these areas are vital to our success, and his ability to manage diverse responsibilities with efficiency and skill is a testament to his capabilities as a key member of our team. Ale is a meticulous problem-solver and has a keen eye for detail. Ale is an Industrial Engineering graduate from LEAD University, with a strong business orientation. Ale has a love for sports, music, and fashion, which he sees as forms of self-expression. He finds sports keeps him active, music helps him unwind, and fashion showcases individuality, helping him maintain a well-rounded perspective.