• Our Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing law,  tax , finance , strategy, and operations. Our law team provides expert guidance to ensure compliance and protect your business interests. With our tax services, we help optimize your tax strategy and minimize liabilities. Our finance experts assist with financial analysis, planning, and management. Strategic advisory services enable you to make informed decisions for long-term success. Our operations division specializes in sustainability, performance iimprovement, and IT consulting, driving operational excellence in your organization.

    Process-driven Approach

    Our process-driven approach is designed to ensure client understanding and leverage our expertise effectively. We created a systematic process map, representing recurring engagements in a high-level flowchart. Regular analysis and updates allow us to optimize and continuously iimprove. The process map streamlines operations, minimizes errors, and enhances organizational effectiveness, enabling us to serve clients better and achieve our objectives.

    Set-up & Launch

    The process of establishing a new business, including registration, strategy, operational setup, and market-entry.


    Securing equity investment or financing through investor identification, development of presentations, negotiations and closing.

    Fund Formation

    Incorporate investment funds by addressing legal requirements, defining strategies, attracting investors and setting up operations.

    Capital Deployment

    Strategically iinvesting funds into opportunities through due diligence, negotiation, and risk management.


    Corporate restructuring consolidating operating entities of the business under a holding-company.


    Expanding or entering new markets through market research, strategy development, partnership-establishment, and adaptation.

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    Buying, selling or merging companies through target identification, due diligence, negotiation, approval and integration.

    Community Building

    Creating and nurturing stakeholder communities through engagement, events, and fostering a sense of shared-purpose.

    Acceleration Support

    Assisting accelerators and iincubators with mentorship, technical assistance, and resources for their portfolio of startups and ventures to validate business models and accelerate growth.

    Business Process Outsourcing

    Contracting non-core business processes to third-party providers for specialized expertise and cost efficiencies.

    Day-to-day Support

    Providing ongoing assistance in legal and tax advice, administrative tasks, IT support, financial advice, customer inquiries, and operational management.

    Digital Assets

    Expertise in cryptocurrencies, mining and blockchain technology for investment, transactions, and innovation.


    Incorporation of Legal Entity


    Amendments to Articles of Incorporation


    Shareholders’ Agreement


    Trademark Application


    Employment Agreement


    Liquidation of Legal Entity


    Labor Settlement


    NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)


    Data Privacy Assessment


    Data Privacy Improvement


    Terms & Conditions


    Software Licensing Agreement


    Notary & Accounting Certifications